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How it works

A stock level for the cellar is agreed between us and the customer. One of our team will survey the cellar and suggest the correct size cylinder required. The size of cylinder may be limited by the size or location of the cellar. For example, if your cellar is below ground or upstairs we will not be able to deliver our larger size cylinders. Once agreed, this gas will be delivered on our first visit.

Our deliveries are made on a fortnightly ‘milk round’ basis. One of our team of expert delivery drivers will call at your premises once a fortnight and check your gas levels in the cellar. If you have any empty gas cylinders they will be replaced to return you to your agreed stock level. The delivery vehicle will be stocked with sufficient cylinders for your needs. This takes away the need for the customer to order their gas as they can rely on our driver to call on the designated day to check.



In the event of an unforeseen emergency, such as a gas leak, we offer an emergency back up delivery service and, in some areas, pick up points where a small stock is held for such circumstances.

Although we can’t offer 24/7 deliveries, customers can collect from our emergency stock cage at our yard, around the clock, 365 days a year if needed. All you need is the combination to the lock.

Delivery Areas

We cover the following areas, all on a fortnightly delivery cycle:

BS Postcode

Bristol and surrounding areas

GL postcode

Gloucester, Cheltenham and surrounding areas

SN postcode

Swindon and surrounding areas

Suppliers of High Quality Cellar Gases