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Easy Range Equipment

In order to be able to offer the customer a complete cellar gas solution, we have introduced our own ‘EASY’ range of gas beverage dispense equipment, ranging from single regulators to gas generation systems.  All equipment is installed by our expert technicians, at a time convenient to the customer, and fully maintained by us for the duration of the agreement.

All of our ‘EASY’ range is offered on our ‘All- Inclusive’ price plans.

It is exactly as it sounds. Everything is supplied for an agreed monthly price. This includes all gas, deliveries, equipment and maintenance. There are no additional hidden costs. Just one fixed price. – EASY!

Easy Switch / Reg

Easy-Reg is the simplest of solutions. We install our own regulatory equipment to replace the standard Brewery Regulators. Easy-Regs are of a superior quality and all have accurate contents gauges, as opposed to the standard Red and Green gauges, for your piece of mind. They show exactly what is in the bottle rather than whether there is anything in it.

Easy-Switch is basically an upgrade on our Easy-Reg. Easy-Switch consists of a panel of 2 Easy-Regs linked together with a Switch block. This allows the publican to always have 2 cylinders connected. One cylinder is on and the other is a spare. When one cylinder empties the switch is moved to the other cylinder and operation is restored. This eliminates the inconvenience of changing cylinders for the Publican and their staff. This is particularly useful at busy times. One Easy-Switch Panel would be installed for each gas required in the cellar


Easy Blend

Easy-Blend is a piece of equipment that accurately pre-mixes CO2 and 30/70 together to create accurate gas mixtures tailored to whatever specification your Brewer requires. Easy-Blend consists of 2 Easy-Switch panels for the gas, connected to a purpose built gas blender. It creates whatever gas mixture is required.

  • CO2
  • 30/70
  • 60/40

This system is ideal for cellars that require more than two gas products for their drinks dispense. It saves space as there is no longer a need for excessive gas cylinder storage. It also eliminates the possibility of connecting the wrong gas cylinders to the wrong product as the Easy-Blend ensure each barrel gets the correct mixture.


Easy Gen


Easy-Gen is a Gas Generation machine. It separates Nitrogen from atmospheric air and stores it in specialist storage vessels. This is then mixed with CO2 from cylinders, linked via an Easy-Switch Panel, to accurately create the blend of gas that has been specified by the Brewer for each product.

Easy-Blend is Ideal for busy Pubs & Clubs. Less gas cylinders need to be held in stock and there will be less cylinder changing as the machine creates and replenishes the Nitrogen cylinders itself.


As part of our ‘All Inclusive’ packages we often, when space allows, install cages outside the cellar to house the gas cylinders and regulatory equipment. These cages will be attached to an outside wall of the pub and locked using a lock provided by us. All delivery drivers will have a key to this lock.

There are several benefits of these cages:

  • Safety. If there was, although uncommon, a gas leak on the cylinder or regulator the gas would leak to atmosphere. This would pose no threat to the health of the publican and staff entering the cellar
  • Space Saving. With the gas cylinders in a cage outside it frees up space in the cellar.
  • Ease of delivery. If the cylinders are in a cage outside we can deliver at any time. There is no need for the publican to be at the premises for the delivery. Ideal if the delivery time is when the pub is closed.

CO2 Alarm


CO2 is an asphyxiant and can therefore be dangerous!! We highly recommend that every cellar should be fitted with a CO2 detector/alarm.

The unit is situated in the cellar at a designated height above the cellar floor. A repeater unit is usually placed outside the cellar door so that anyone entering the cellar can check it is safe to do so before entering.  If there is a gas leak detected in the cellar an alarm sounds and a light on the unit will flash. The same happens on the repeater unit, thus alerting the nearest staff member to the leak.

If a CO2 Alarm in the cellar sounds, open all doors to the cellar to allow the gas to disperse. If possible dampen area with water. If you are unsure what to do, call us.

CO2 Alarms are available to customers on a monthly rental basis.

They are sometimes included in our ‘All Inclusive’ packages.

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